Avengers Infinity War Review : A Black Panther Perspective

by Ann Boayue May 01, 2018

Avengers Infinity War Review : A Black Panther Perspective

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a wakandan warrior?
To be authentic and comfortable in your own skin?
To be seen as a natural emblem of magnificent beauty?
How would you like 20% OFF Wakandan Jewelry?
Our take on Avengers Infinity War is really a one sided view from a Black Panther perspective.
Read on to learn how you can achieve all these.


Avengers Infinity War Review : A Black Panther Perspective


All set on the final fight to save humanity from the biggest threat yet, the new movies symbolizes a coming together of different heroes both old and new for one common goal.

And this is what bring us to our point of view. 

We fight wars in our own lives every day but our war, our fight is really one for identity.

Let us put this into perspective focusing more on one avenger, the black panther.


Black Panther Review

It is a known fact that beauty is something that takes different shapes, sizes and forms and thus can be achieved in different ways.

From makeup, to scents to different outfits and hairstyles what the media has defined as beauty has not only corrupted how we feel and think about ourselves but how we perceive the world around us too.

In the movie Black Panther, Wakanda is a place full of natural beauty one inhabited by a people who have not been affected by worldly media, who define what beauty means for themselves which makes each and every single inhabitant unique, original and real.

From the Wakanda wear and the Wakanda jewelry it is plain to see that these people are real and confident in who they are.

In the movie you will realise that there are a lot of women with African wear, natural hair and handmade Wakandan Jewelry (African jewelry) which is just a direct reflection of their true selves. And the handmade Wakanda Jewelry, an expression of their creativity and identity which gives them the uttermost confidence in who they are!

Our take from the movie Black Panther?

Well in summary, black panther is a movie about your authentic true self and really accepting your natural beautiful self with everything that, that person has to offer to the world.

Let’s just put it like this, if Wakanda had a Prada store it would be called INAIVU, home to cross cultural African and Asian, authentic, handmade, beautiful home décor and jewelry!



If you are like most of our followers then you probably are a person who is looking to achieve the same thing. Get 20% Off Wakanda Jewelry here

With the aim of creating authentic, handmade, beautiful home décor and jewelry made by female artisans in Africa and Asia we offer support to ladies all over the world to discover their authentic beautiful selves.


We do this by:

  1. Raising awareness about various causes impacting the lives of women and children across the African and Asian landscape.
  2. Improving the quality of life for and provide resources to underserved communities and organizations which serve them.
  3. Donate a portion of all proceeds to various non-profit organizations supporting the aforementioned causes, communities, and individuals



INAIVU’s commitment to celebrating the beauty of both cultures is demonstrated through every collection - highlighting the similarities and embracing differences by merging and blending textiles to create exotic home decor and lifestyle accessories. Through interior design, INAIVU will continue to support, empower, and celebrate women, while giving back to the communities it serves.

So if you are looking to discover or embrace your natural beautifull, authentic self then we have a treat for you.

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Ann Boayue
Ann Boayue


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